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Is the beauty box making a comeback?

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Back when I started blogging, probably around 2011/12, beauty boxes were big news. I actually subbed to Glossy Box for a little while, before realising I was skint and it really wasn’t a necessity at that time in my life. For those who are unfamiliar, beauty boxes are paid monthly subscription services which deliver a box of beauty products to your house each month. They’re a total surprise, and you never know what you might get – even down to the size of the product (a gripe for many).

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I was asked if I’d like to check out Cohorted’s Black Box – Cohorted is a online beauty store, and they have recently launched a range of beauty boxes. The Black Box is a selection of hand-picked luxury beauty items and retails for £35pp. Compared to most, this seemed a higher price point so I was keen to see what they had in store!

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I was actually lucky enough to receive January and February’s boxes before I wrote my review, so I got a good idea of the kind of products customers would receive. On first impressions, I was excited and pleased with what was inside. Stand out products for me were the Two Faced bronzer and lip product, and the Chanel eyeshadow as they are brands I’ve not really owned before. I was intrigued by the Dove underarm product, which is meant to remove dark marks and equally the BareMinerals skincare item. All the products were high-end, except Dove, including Marc Jacobs, Cargo and Lancome and the majority were full sized. Having said that, the perfume was a sample which I know would disappoint many.

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The Cohorted Black Box impressed me with its range and size of products. I have a whole new selection of make up to try now (I noticed the majority of products are make up with a few skincare thrown in), and when added together, for a fraction of the cost. There are, as I said, stand out products to me, and others which perhaps I’ll overlook but that’s the nature of beauty boxes and something I think it’s good to be aware of before your subscribe. The box comes with a lovely detailed booklet about your products which I found really useful, and is in chic, sleek packaging. Each month the RRP for the products in the box seems to be around the £100 mark, which, if you have £35 a month and you want to treat yourself to a box of goodies, I think is great value for money. I’m excited to see what March has in store!

Full list of products (across two months)

Cargo Cosmetics Lip Gloss Quad

Too Faced Soul Mates Blush Bronzer

Too Faced Lip Injection Colour Bomb

Lancome Corrector Pro

Elemis Pro Collagen Hydra-Gel Eye Masks

BareMinerals Night Treatment

Pixi Crayon Combo

Cargo Cosmetics Longwear Lip Gloss

Marc Jacobs Lola (sample)

Chanel Longwear Luminous Eyeshadow in Apparition

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