3 reasons why walking will improve your lifestyle

Recently, my boyfriend’s acquired a FitBit.

reasons to walk reasons to walk reasons to walk

You might’ve heard of them – they look like a techy watch, and measure all sorts of health-related stats. They hook up with an app on your phone and you can see the quality of your sleep, how many steps you’ve taken and calories consumed that day, amongst other things. They can help you to maintain or lose weight, and give you targets to hit. Sam’s says he should be achieving 10,000 steps a day and this has led us to discover a new hobby – walking!

reasons to walk reasons to walk

If he’s had a particularly inactive day, sometimes he works from home, or he’s been at his desk constantly in the office, he can be considerably under target, so we’ve taken to enjoying an evening walk together. At around the same height as one another, we walk at a fairly brisk pace and live in area that not only has a large park nearby, but several roads on a grid system which means we can stroll up and down, easily changing our route each time.

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Since starting our evening walks, as and when we need them, I’ve been really enjoying them. I’ve noticed a few things that I wanted to put into a post today – about why I think walking is such a beneficial thing to do and why maybe you should try it as well!


The first point is fairly obvious, but it’s an incredibly easy way to get some exercise. What we do is by no means hardcore cardio, but a 30-45 minute walk at a decent pace burns a few hundred calories, that you otherwise might not have. It might just be that extra beer, or that KitKat at lunch – which you can go to bed knowing you’ve knocked off!


We’ve been walking together lately, but I also walk a lot of places on my own. I enjoy both equally – I like to walk with someone as it gives you a really unique opportunity to talk. It’s not the same as being at home – no one gets their phone out because they’re looking where they’re going, and both of you can really invest in the conversation. The time goes quickly and you get to really hash things out, if you’ve got something on your mind. I find it easier to talk on a walk that is purely for the purpose of walking, rather than a walk to get somewhere. It’s more relaxed and you’re in no hurry. You can also draw conclusions as the walk comes to an end, meaning I always feel our talks are productive. When I’m alone, I’ll always listen to music. I find walking alone very soothing – there’s something about taking in the environment around you, noticing things you haven’t before and getting some fresh air that always leaves me feeling good.


This is something I’ve really noticed since we’ve been walking more and it’s my quality of sleep is better. I’ve realised walking too late at night (after 8.30pm) doesn’t work too well for me, as it switches my brain on and I have trouble turning it off! But expending that extra energy earlier in the evening after work means I’ve walked off the day, shaken off any aggro hanging over me and my body is ready for a rest.

So, you’re new to walking? Well, it won’t come as any surprise to you that there’s nothing you need to get going! You might want some headphones (I’ve been eyeing up these beauts), but I stick on a pair on Nikes and some comfy trousers and I’m good to go. I’ve been eyeing up this specific pair of joggers lately, just so I don’t keep wearing my ‘weekend’ jeans out but anything you’re comfortable in works. I always wrap up warm if I’m walking as I hate to be cold, and will also sometimes fill my water bottle as it’s a good chance to glug down some liquids too!

Do you think you could try walking more?

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