why I’m carrying a smaller bag

Since starting secondary school at the age of 11, I’ve always carried a big bag.

Backpack, tote, you name it – and of course, everything that went along with it. I was always the one at college that came prepared – a drink, snacks, spare paper. Don’t get me wrong, it’s served me well! And as someone who loves to photograph everything, carrying a big bag means my camera can be thrown in without a second thought. I also love the look of a big bag – at 6 foot tall, I’m not exactly dainty. I’ve always felt like carrying a chunky tote balanced out my look.

I’ve dabbled in smaller bags before, and although I will always take a clutch or my Rebecca Minkoff out in the evening, in the day time, I always revert back to the trusty sack. I carry all sorts – nothing outrageous, but all the little bits and bobs you’d expect to find in a girls handbag. On a day to day basis, going to and from work, this is fine. I’m then totally prepared for an impromtu drink after work (concealer, lippy, powder, perfume), or anything else that might be thrown my way, good or bad (tissues, water, camera, pen, notepad, painkillers).

But just sometimes, playing Mary Poppins gets a little tiresome. Occasionally, I want to be compact and concise, and actually, handsfree! That’s my biggest reason for picking up something smaller – the feeling of throwing a bag across my body and being able to use my hands how I wish. No holding or shoulder nudging – just the simpilicity of it being there, unattended. The bag I chose, I’ll admit – I was on a budget at the time, was a sale buy from Dorothy Perkins (sadly sold out but similar here). I had a gift voucher and it seemed the obvious choice. Long body strap, small but not miniscule, classic design. An easy sell! In it, I can fit my purse, phone, keys and Olympus Pen. I’m sure other such bits as lip balm and tissues could fit but I don’t want them to find their way in just yet – I’m enjoying the simiplicty of a paired back bag.

And the best bit about it? I don’t have to carry anyone else’s junk!

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