how to have an inexpensive valentine’s day

I got carried away with a daydream recently, thinking about my birthday. Which isn’t until the end of April.

Cheap valentines day pancakes in bed

So I got thinking, surely there has to be some other special occasion between now and then? And of course, there’s Valentines Day. I’ll admit, we usually ignore it. Laziness, lack of money and busy schedules means it usually gets totally over looked at maison Katherine-Louise, but this year, it falls on a Sunday! Surely we can do something nice?

Cheap valentines day pancakes in bed

My brain starting ticking about inexpensive ways we could spend the day. We all know that breakfast is the best meal of the day, so let’s start there. Pancakes are my favourite food in the world – for me, it’s always Nutella, but Sam will always opt for a savoury option if there is one. A crepe, if you will. We’re also still totally into our new coffee machine, so fresh coffee (or Milka Hot Chocolate (swoon)) all round.

Cheap valentines day pancakes in bed

Once we’ve enjoyed a slow start to the day, watched the cat race around like a loon and got ourselves ready, I think a walk and a coffee call. This might be into our local town, or it might be further afield at the beach. I love nothing more than a stroll with the promise of a caramel macchiato at the end, and maybe even a slice of cake. Can you tell I’m not one to stick to meal times at the weekend?

Cheap valentines day pancakes in bed Cheap valentines day pancakes in bed

Now we have our own place, the idea of a night in is all the more exciting. One of our favourite things to do it is pick a film, get cosy and whip up a super scrummy, probably naughty, meal. Not imaginative, but perfect nonetheless. Recently, we’ve been loving making our own pulled pork. We pop it in the slow cooker during the day with a concoction of spices and ingredients (would you perhaps like to see our recipe soon?), and by dinnertime it’s ready to be shredded to make a Mexican feast. Homemade guacamole, with pulled pork quesadillas. Heav-en. The perfect meal to devour in front of the TV!

Inexpensive valentine's day ideas

If we combine our breakfast and dinner choices into our weekly shop, we’ll manage to only spend a few pounds on our coffee out. We tend to just stick to cards, not gifts, as both our birthdays are nearby, but still get some quality time together, doing our favourite things.

What would your perfect inexpensive Valentine’s Day consist of?

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