what makes january so blue?

What is it that makes the colour blue, negative?


And why is a new year, a fresh start with a blank page rolling ahead, time for them? The blues, that is. The January Blues. TJB. If you’re not moaning about heading back to work this week, I’ll have what you’re having.

Yesterday morning, I didn’t struggle too badly getting out of bed. Although words I won’t repeat flashed through my mind at 6.15am, I was up and about – greeted by little Bee, looking forward to a juice (new juicer = still a novelty), and grinning and bearing it. I wasn’t remotely thrilled, excited or even relieved to be heading back to work – I was just going through the motions, because what else can you do?


This post is merely observational. Some things I noted down about my day yesterday. My blue, blue January day. Once I was up, dressed and fed, I was in fact early for work. I work in a school, and although that means a lot of colleagues, I actually sit alone in a rather remote office. Sometimes it can be pleasingly lonely, but on days like yesterday, I know I’ve got to get out around the site, to maintain some semblance of sanity normalcy.

Although coming back to work is a shock to the system, I’ve always quite liked the job I do now. It can be a drag, but at times, I’ve got a pretty sweet deal. Saying that, the feeling that we’re all experiencing this week in one form or another, is niggling away. For many, it’ll get brushed off – it’s no more than The January Blues, of course! But for others, is it a gut reaction, which should be acted on? Is it time to take hold of what you feel right now and run with it? For me, I’m totally stuck between feeling motivated, and the easy option. Giving in.


Taking the easy way out isn’t always the most rewarding route, and on this blue, blue week in January, I’m telling myself just that. I know what I want to be doing every morning when I wake up, and how I want my life to be. I’m taking this blue January vibe, and harbouring it into motivation and drive for the year ahead. It won’t happen overnight, but in all the New Years Resolution mayhem, I’ve given myself a goal and I’ll do my very best to stick to it. This morning, I sat down and took ten minutes to write down some targets for the year, in one particular area (in this case, it was for my blog). I’ve never done this before and although they are all achievements to strive for, they all feel very realistic. If January is seeming all too blue for you write now, grab a hot drink, a blanket and do the same – whether it’s a meal plan you want to stick to, a promotion or job change, or maybe a social life aim – it feels much better to be proactive than drowning in this (not-so) blue January.

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