5 girls weekend must-haves

When one of the girls suggested a weekend away in January, I was all ears.


What better way to get through the worst month of the year than with a girls weekend to look forward to. Living on the south coast, the Isle of Wight is the obvious choice. Tranquil, relaxing but close by – and with the upside of our accomodation belonging to someone’s parents, it was the perfect 48 hour getaway. I had a really lovely weekend – everything was just perfect, and exactly what I needed.


The break got me thinking about the perfect weekend away with friends, and what components made it so good. We came, we ate, we drank, we walked on the beach. Let’s break it down into my girls weekend must haves!


Preferably home cooked! I’ll admit, we indulged in a pretty good Indian takeaway the night we arrived as we were all recovering from a week at work. But some of the girls had baked sweet treats, and Lizzie knocked up her famous Hungarian Beef Goulash for Saturday night, so we were care free. Not only was it all delicious and in abundance, we were able to enjoy Saturday with no rushing home for dinner reservations or meals to cook. It made the weekend run so smoothly, and I definitely never felt hungry!


I think this point means I am officially getting older, but having enough beds to go round the gang certainly aided the weekend break. There would’ve been a time where we all crammed in somewhere, to save costs but having enough proper beds for everyone meant, I for one, got two really good nights sleep. The lack of alarm clocks meant I felt fresh and rested, just how it should be!


A few years ago, we would’ve spent the Saturday of our girls weekend nursing hangovers in front of the TV. This time, we opted for not one but two beach walks, giving us some exercise, fresh air and time to catch up with one another. The only thing missing was a pooch!


We all know the trio – hair up, bra off, pjs on. And when we returned to the flat after our beach strolls, it was exactly this. Blankets and cushions and a dose of chips ‘n’ dips in front of Saving Mr Banks made for a lovely start to our evening. There’s no room for tight clothes on girls weekend!


It sounds military, but plotting out a general jist of the weekend allowed things to be… easy. Friday’s takeaway, followed by Saturday brunch, the beach and dinner at home, before finishing off with a chilled Sunday morning coffee. No one was rushing or worrying and it kept us all super chilled to know, in fact, there was no where we had to be!


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