how to save money during the january sales

If you read this post, you’ll know, I’m not one to splash the cash.

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I earn a modest (to say the least) salary and this March will mark one year in our shared ownership house. We’re comfortable and sociable, don’t get me wrong, but I do have to remain frugal, and that means even during the lure of the January sales.

I made one sale purchase this year. One skirt. £8. I feel pretty pleased with myself, as not only do I loveeee the skirt, it was a pure bargain (reduced from £45!). So how did I tackle the January sales this year and avoid any over indulgences?


After the mayhem of Christmas, where I needed all the inspiration I could find from mass marketing emails from every brand you can imagine, I took the initiative and unsubscribed. Boy, is it liberating. Usually I’d wake up to 15-20 emails, all advertising sales, offers, New In. Mostly, I’d delete but occasionally I’d leave ones that had really caught my eye lurking in my inbox. Unsubbing one by one as these arrived in my inbox during the week after Christmas was not only satisfying, but removed all element of temptation. If it’s not being rammed down your throat, you won’t even think about it!

Limit Social Media

…and by this I mean Twitter. The same goes for Black Friday. I tend to just avoid – seeing everyones sales buys, brands plugs and bloggers sponsored tweets makes it tough to resist.

Utilise saved items & wishlists

We all know ASOS have the genius that is Saved Items and other online stores have similar in the forms of wishlists. I use these all the time throughout the year, when I see something I like, I pop in it and keep an eye on it’s price. This is how I bagged my skirt, on Christmas Day no less, super fast and at an awesome price.

Fill your time

Before I left home, I probably hit the shops once a fortnight. And I know a lot of people who do so even more than that. But avoiding trips to the high street kept me away from thoughts of that rust coat I’d clocked in New Look before Christmas (and it’s inevitably gorgeous sale price…). I filled my time between Christmas and New Year socialising, cooking, organising. Keeping costs low!

Clearing out

It sounds cliché but I couldn’t believe what fab bits I came across when clearing out my cupboards and beauty stash this Christmas. All my forgotten treasures definitely satisfied me enough to stop me shopping!

Plan ahead

We’ve been chatting a lot this week about our year ahead. Plotting summer trips and exciting plans abroad. These are more than enough to keep me on track, and planning something every now and then keeps me focussed enough on what my cash could be spent on.

Search, don’t browse

And finally, if you do want to buy yourself something, search for it specifically. Browsing endless pages of sale items will inevitably have you bagging stuff you never knew you needed!

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