how to blog when you don’t have time

It’s no secret that life is busy.


Between work, play and all the adult-ing that comes in between, I rarely feel like I have time to sit down and invest quality time in my blog these days. And just as I type that sentence, I realise quite how silly it sounds. I’m busy, you’re busy, we’re all busy – we get it. So how exactly does everyone else seem to manage it? Rather than whittle on about how tough I find maintaining my blog, I thought I’d cut the crap and reach out with some advice on countering the difficulties we all face.

Own yourself

I read this somewhere else, I’m sure of it. But I still remember it now so it must’ve been some good advice. Own yourself, own your schedule. The only thing stopping me from blogging, something which I claim I love, is my own priorities and to-do list. I’m not so busy that I don’t get an hour or three to myself a few nights a week, or can’t stop for 30 seconds out of a coffee trip to take a photo to accompany a post. Take those times into your own hands and own them. Do your thing, make it a priority, you’ll only regret it if you don’t.

Garner some self control

I’m definitely guilty of this. Even now, I’m daydreaming of getting home, curling up with a coffee and the TV. But damnit, setting aside just an hour when I get in (and the light is still good), to take some photos, read some other blogs for inspo and write some posts myself, will make me feel a whole lot better. It’s not work, and I need to remember that – I love it once I’m immersed in it.

Focus on your end goal

Another one I’m awful at remembering. I know what I want from my blog, and when I wrote about 2016 and my goals for the year, I definitely thought about my blog. I scroll my Instagram all day; looking at beautiful photos from amazing bloggers and wish I could achieve the same. And who says I can’t? Focusing on what I want to achieve drives me forward and it’s something I’ve got to remember more often!

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