why you should be writing a food diary

Following on from my 3 secrets to successful weightloss post, it was mentioned to me about writing about my food diary. Writing down what I eat keeps me on track, and was one of my tips for losing the pounds.


I follow a clean eating/Slimming World hybrid diet. When I write down my daily food, I use the Slimming World method. Each day has four columns – any free foods, which are clean fruit, veg, meat, fish and crazily on Slimming World, potatoes, rice and pasta too. These, I can have as many as I want of. There are a few additions – fat free yoghurt and similar. This should be the section with the most written in it, if you’re doing things right!

The next two columns are more one, split with a dotted lined. On Slimming World, you can have Healthy A and B options. When I explain this to people, I usually say – it’s one fibre option and one dairy option a day. I’ll normally opt for milk (for coffee) or low fat cheddar, and two slices of granary. Sometimes oats. I don’t always use these, or use them up fully, but they’re a good way to get in some staples within reason, without feeling guilty.

And finally, I have a column for the naughties. ‘Syns’ as they are on Slimming World – my list usually consists of dressings such as mayonnaise, the odd mini chocolate bar, Nutella (I can’t help myself) and anything else I have that isn’t clean. I try to keep these to around 3 or 4 items a day, or if I’m being really strict, 15 syns on Slimming World.


Recording what I eat really helps me keep on track. I actually weirdly look forward to writing it down after each meal! At the end of the week, it’s reassuring to look back and see all the goodness I’ve consumed – it’s amazing how much more fruit I eat when I’m tracking! The amount I tell people that keeping a food diary really is a huge part in weightloss success – it truly is the key to motivating yourself.

I keep my diary in a small notebook, and spend time each Monday morning (nerdily) drawing out that weeks table. I also keep a secret section at the back of my book where I track my weight/clothes size/inches (whichever you prefer) which I fill in once a week. I’ve put together a really basic version of my food diary in electronic format for you to access here if you’d like!

Give it a try! It might just change the way you see food.

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