my autumn/winter style staples

Last month, I attended the first birthday party of the independent store, Hero. Owned by blogger come retailer Laura, it’s a beautiful boutique only 30 minutes from me. The evenings events were centered around the Hero Lifestyle, and Amanda from The Online Stylist gave use a short chat about her wardrobe staples.

It got me thinking about my own. Now we’re well and truly in Autumn (or even Winter, you could say!), I decided to see if I could jot down my AW style staples. Things that come out season after season, year after year, to cosy up in, as the weather turns colder.



So let’s start with the bottom half. I’ll admit, I’m quite lazy when it comes to dressing in my free time. Although I love fashion and personal style, on your average Saturday, you’ll be hard pushed to find me in anything fancy. For this, a good pair of classic black jeans is vital for me. Skinny is my preference, but I’m also eyeing up a pair of Mom’s which could easily be as versatile. They go with everything, are super slimming and er, barely need washing!

Following that, I’d say a pair of classic denims are also a real staple for me. It’s taken me a long time to fall in love with blue jeans but I’ve finally done it. No rips, no holes, not fancy shapes. These are slim cut, with a self-imposed turn up. They’re really classic and the comfiest pair I own.



The top half for me is a touch more exciting – but only a touch! The first thing I thought of when I started jotting down my list was a good neutral jumper. Something loose, comfortable and warm. My first choice is a cream Zara number which I got in the airport en route to Rome, but I’d equally love this new oatmeal roll neck I recently picked up in New Look. Teamed with either pair of jeans, I feel cosy and comfy.

Another classic jumper I’m an eternal fan of is the black rollneck. There’s something about them that makes me feel so…Love Actually? They’re the easiest items to throw on over jeans, or tucked into an A line skirt but somehow have such sophistication about them.

Going a bit lighter, because layering is key in autumn – my trusty cotton shirt. In most people’s style staples, you’d probably see a white shirt here but I am yet to find The One. For me, I can’t get enough of my Topshop pale blue number. The fit is flattering, and it just looks super effortless.

No matter the season, a good selection of well cut tee’s are vital. In winter, I’ll opt for my blacks and greys slightly more than my blues and whites but once you’ve found the tshirt for you, stock up. All mine are ASOS and have lasted me years.



Footwear in winter is always a problem. Investing in something decent to keep you going season after season is so worthwhile. If it’s dry and a dress down day, I’ll always opt for trainers. A neutral pair of Converse or a black pair of more sporty ones does the trick for me.

If it’s not so dry, a good pair of boots is exactly what you need. Black, brown or grey, depending on your preference and other accessories, I’d always recommend a pair of relatively flat boots. Ankle or knee high – regardless, you’ll want something warm, comfortable and stylish.



And for me, there’s only two things I do differently with my accessories in AW. First up, I’ll swap my summer handbag in for a classic black one. And second? The scarf. The only winter accessory in my eyes! A classic colour will dress up any outfit and of course, keep out the chill. The bigger the better!

What are your autumn/winter style staples?

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