how to style a woolly hat

I’ve always been a hat person.


There’s just some accessories that slot easily into the style of some, and less of others. Sunglasses seem to suit me too. A lot of it I put down to hair – long hair makes styling these kinds of things easy. In a way, it’s less dramatic, less obvious, when there’s a curtain of hair surrounding.



Quite often, people comment to me that they like the way I can wear hats, but could never pull them off themselves. I agree, certain styles aren’t for everyone. Those with shorter hair may struggle, and I’m definitely not qualified to give advice on how to make that work for them, having never had hair much shorter than it is now. But I do think there is a hat out there for everyone!


Today, I wanted to share my favourite style of hat – how I wear it, where I wear it and how I style it with my existing clothes. So, let’s take the classic woolly hat. This has been a firm favourite of mine since my teenage years. I’ve owned hundreds over the years, but in recent seasons, this grey and maroon one has always fallen as a favourite. I’ll let you in on a secret – it’s actually from George at Asda! Just like the Topshop ones from a few years back, I think it looks much more expensive than it is. My first rule with hats is to keep them neutral, especially if you’re unsure about wearing one. As someone who’s more confident in them, I have dabbled in green, red and even fuchsia pink, but if you’re starting out, monochrome tones are best. I like the flash of autumnal maroon on the bobble to bring a subtle something to it.


It might seem obvious, but whenever I wear a hat, I wear my hair down. For ease, comfort and also for style. Knowing where to place the hat on your head is all personal preference. Take some time in front of the mirror to gauge what you think looks best, especially if you have a fringe. I like to keep mine firmly on my head but not pulled down too far towards my eyes. A little bit of forehead peaking through works well for my face shape.

Now the hat is on (a backwards way to dress perhaps), it’s about the outfit that goes with it. For me, a woolly hat is a casual thing. If I’m wearing a hat, I tend to keep my outfit fairly neutral – I like to let the bobble do the talking! I’m not a particularly matchy matchy person, so I’m never too worried about that aspect. My trusty tailored, winter coat in camel fits nicely with this look, a simple shirt and black jeans. To keep the outfit casual, I’d throw on my cream Converse or any other trainers. Bobble hats, tailoring and trainers is a look I saw over and over during my time in Denmark last winter. A definite Scandi-chic style, and one my Mum can’t get her head around! I personally love it – it’s comfortable, warm, laid back but stylish too.


Coat – F&F Tesco | Shirt – Urban Outfitters | Jeans and Converse – ASOS | Hat – George at ASDA (similar here)

Depending on the days events, I’ll keep my hat on for most of the day. If I’m shopping on the high street (and not in a shopping centre), I’ll keep it on in shops. If I’m stopping for lunch, I’d take it off. If your hair is clean underneath, hat hair shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Second day hair and a hat for me is a risky combination if there is a chance I’ll need to take my hat of, but needs must!

For me, the hat is a winter style staple. It can totally change your look, with no need to readdress your whole outfit. And of course, it’s warm too! If you’ve not tried one before, perhaps this is your year…

All photos shot on my Olympus Pen E-PL7 by Lizzie

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