5 ways to prepare for the party season

This weekend is the last of 2015 where I have nothing significant booked in.

Lunch with friends, takeaway in front of Dexter and my grandparents Diamond Wedding Anniversary tea and cake celebration. Chilled out and easy. Come next week, and the start of December, that all changes. As of next weekend, Christmas is here ladies and gentlemen.

I ADORE Christmas. My favourite time of year, and despite my other half being a bit of a humbug, I love to fill December with all sorts of festive activities for us. Meals out with all our friends, parties – get-togethers of any kind are high on my priority list. Saying that, we all know that involves alot of eating, drinking, spending and looking good. I’ve noticed that I’m already preparing myself for what’s to come and thought I’d share the ways I get my self festive-ready!


I have no self control over Christmas. I could demolish a box of shortbread single handedly, and the amount of 3-course wine-fulled dinners I agree to attend is unheard of. So in the lead up and the small amount of down time during, I do my best to eat right – as I type, butternut squash soup ingredients are roasting and I’m nibbling on a pear. I’ll have a green juice a few mornings this week, and make wholesome meals of fish and fresh meats for our dinners. That injection of good food when I can helps my skin to stay on track, my tummy bloat to remain minimal and helps me maintain my weight. It’s nothing drastic, but it’s just a little bit more conscious as I know twelve roast potatoes in one sitting is coming my way fairly soon.


This could relate to anything I suppose, and as Chief Organiser for all our friends, I book our Christmas meals in August (there’s 13 of us!). But this point is in relation to your beauty habits. You don’t want to be caught short four days before a party without your wax done/nails prepped/skin tanned. Booking well in advance around Christmas is always advisable, and even if you’re not a beauty salon girl, get moisturising, painting and plucking now to avoid any last minute panics. I like to feel prepared for anything throughout the festive period so I can say yes to everything and not waste any time preening when I could be partying!


When I start to make Christmas plans, I have to take one aspect into account. The fact that I suffer from the most raging hangovers. No matter how much I drink, or how much I try to prevent them, I tend not be to be able to function very effectively the next day. When I’m agreeing to all the shenanagins that are going on, I always schedule in hangover time. If I can, this is at least 48hours, but if not, 24 will suffice. I won’t enjoy the second event anywhere near as much if I haven’t recovered from the night before!


This one goes hand in hand with not back-to-backing my plans, and it involves being prepared for any eventuality. When I’m hungover, I need water, coffee and carbs. Having these in the house mean I recover so much more quickly and don’t need to send an aggy boyfriend out for an emergency McDonalds.


I’m sure most of us save for Christmas – for presents at least. But I’ve found plotting my social activity helps me keep on top of my festive spending. As I organise both Christmas meals we have with friends each year, I can clearly see how much they’ll cost, and what needs to be paid up front or on the night. I prefer to pay for all the food in adnvance, which means its just factoring in drinks and getting home on my list of payments to make. Saving up a little bit of cash and working out how much you have going on, goes a long way in ensuring the festive season is a fun one!


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