5 skincare picks for winter

As much as I hate to acknowledge it, my skin always reacts to the changing seasons.


I have a fairly systematic skincare routine – although I think I keep it quite basic, when I recently compared what I use to others, I realised I am fairly clued up on what my skin needs. As I’ve mentioned before, my skin is pretty oily. Dehydrated, and overworking itself to produce more oil, I struggle to keep make up in place and primer really is my best friend. When the cooler months kick in however, and I sit seven hours a day in a centrally heated office, my skin suffers. Although it remains oily, it turns to ever so slightly more troublesome oil. My make up sits on top of the skin, moving around on the surface of slightly more dry patches around my eyebrows, and below my nose.

So what have I been using lately to combat these wintry skin woes? Let’s start with cleanser. Something that I had been dying to try and something I finally got my hands on – Oskia’s Renaissance Cleansing Gel. Described as an illuminating vitamin melting cleanser, it’s one of those dreamy products that just makes you feel luxurious. An orange balm-like gel that melts into an oil when it comes in contact with water, I apply it to a dry face. It instantly melts my make up away and I remove it with a warm flannel, which is where it dissolves into more a liquid. Designed for all skin types, I find it doesn’t strip my skin but does a nice job at leaving it feeling supple and moisturised. The chamomile and rose scent leaves me feeling oh so spa like, with all the days nasties removed.


Following on from cleansing, I’ve recently dabbled in my first serum. Something I’ve been wanting to try for some time, Oskia’s Get Up & Glow was the perfect introduction. A rather indulgent first serum, at nearly £65, it’s designed to brighten skin. Saying that, it feels so lightweight and dreamy, I’ve been using it morning and night! Applied after cleansing (and toning when I feel I need it), but before my moisturiser, it’s a double hit of moisture without the excess oil. Although it can be used alone on oily skins, I find using both this and a moisturiser together works for my dehydrated skin. As it’s water based, it sinks into my skin quickly enough to use it in my morning routine, and my skin certainly feels brighter, healthier and glowy.

I’ve been alternating mositurisers recently, depending on my skin’s nature. If I need something lightweight, Oskia’s Nutri Active Day Cream does the job. Coming hand in hand with Get Up & Glow, it provides a smooth base for my primer and just enough moisture on normal days. If I feel I need a bigger dose, I’ve returned to my old favourite. Elemis’ Pro Collagen Marine Cream is a real luxury for me and when I do use it, I can certainly see why it demands a higher pricetag. Although hard to describe as everyone has different experiences, for me, it’s just pure luxury. My skin feels like I’ve walked out of a facial – improved elasticity, firmness but supple and hydrated. A dreamy scent and a real luxury!


My final skincare pick for winter has got to be an oil. As an oily skinned girl, I like to use oil at night on the odd occasion to remind my skin I’m not depriving it (and not to make anymore!). Merumaya’s Everything Everywhere Beauty Oil is my current go-to. Although designed to have multiple beauty uses – hair and nails included, for me it’s the perfect indulgence to finish off my night time routine. The key ingredient is kahai oil which is thought to have more benefits than argan oil. Described as “superbly practical as well as pleasurable”, the oil is the perfect bedtime treat for my heating-beaten skin in the winter months.

*All products were kindly gifted to me from the brands, however it is purely by chance that they all feature here today, together. As always, all opinions are genuine.

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