why I’m welcoming october

Like every other girl on Instagram this week, I’m saying hello to October. Octobre. Ottobre.


Working in a school, this time of year really does become ‘the new year’. The new students arrive and apparently, my work load shoots up! Quite pleasantly however, my social calendar has died down a little lately, which means I’ve got a little more (me) time on my hands. A few weekends to get stuff sorted, and perhaps take a few days away. Most recently we revamped our dining table. A fusty old pine number, heavily varnished and generally an eye-sore, we got sanding and refreshed its top, painting the legs a rich petrol shade. What a difference it makes! And how nice to tick it off the to-do list.


The house is around two thirds done I’d say. We’re coming up to our 7 month anniversary in it – how time really flies. Perhaps when it’s truly finished, I’ll show you a little bit more of it! But anyone who’s a first time house buyer will know the time it takes to get everything just so. I’m really enjoying the interior decorating side of things – although how I wish we had a bigger budget.


October for me holds a few significant events, and lots of lovely time to make impromptu coffee plans, enjoy spending evenings at home catching the last of the summer sun whilst Bee explores her new back garden. I spent this weekend visiting family and spending a Sunday enjoying the sun and sipping on lattes in Winchester. It was their harvest festival which was a lovely way to lose an hour, choosing coloured carrots and buying up bits and bobs to make some autumnal soup at home. Five days in and I’m feeling very content! Hello October, it’s good to see you again!

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