7 ways to pick yourself up when you’re not feeling yourself

As much as it pains me start a post with the words ‘we’ve all been there’, on this occasion, it’s true. There will always be times in a woman’s life where physically, things aren’t going right.


I’ll be honest and say now, I’m there. Something is breaking my skin out, I’ve gained back a stone of the two I lost and I’m at my wits end trying to make my hair remain clean for longer than 24 hours. Superficial some would say, but something that clings to the back of your mind like when you realise you’ve accidentally gone overdrawn.

For me, it knocks my confidence. Only this week did I have to stand up in front of 100 colleagues to present (at 9am on a Monday no less) and my dread only increased because I felt so shoddy in myself. My winter togs are refusing to squeeze over my freshly-acquired muffin tops, and my usual BB cream isn’t doing all that I want it to in the concealing department. When times like this show their face, we all know what we should do. Rustle up a green juice and get to the gym, but sometimes mentally, you’re not at that point. That’s why I remember these tips and tricks to help me feel better about myself, when it all seems to be going wrong…

What do you do to pick yourself up?

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