how to get the most out of your make up artist

Beauty only features here on Katherine-Louise on the odd occasion these days. Not because I don’t absolutely love it still – I just want what I write about to be meaningful, and useful.

I decided today I’d put together my tips, should you ever have the use of a make up artist, on how to get the best out of them. So often, I work on a client who’s paranoid about what I”ll do to them. And not one has been disappointed or unhappy with the result! So how can you ensure the same?

Be honest

If an MUA asks you direct questions, be as honest as you can. Don’t give them the answer you think they want to hear – it won’t help. If your skin is super sensitive, tell them. If you really hate black eyeliner, tell them! Having an opinion and requirements upfront avoids any awkwardness later – it’s much less critical than commenting afterwards. But equally, don’t be afraid to be honest afterwards too. A bit more, a bit less, a different shade. As a female, I know exactly what it’s like to need to feel like you. Speak up, they won’t be offended!

Take inspiration

Having a look at stuff you like upfront of the situation is key – as is showing them stuff you don’t like too. So many clients are too vague – the best customers are the ones who know exactly what they want. If you’re easy going, by all means, don’t be too specific and let the MUA work their magic, but if not, make sure you take them photos of what it is you’re after.


This one can be hard, but try your best to take your MUA’s advice. 90% of the time, they’ll know best. If it’s a bridal trial and they ask you to up your skincare routine before the big day – do it! They’re saying it for your benefit. And if you’re unsure between two lipstick shades, the likelihood is the one they say looks better, really does look better!

Ask questions

Having a make up artist on hand isn’t something most people get very often. Take the opportunity to ask them questions. I love sharing my knowledge with people so if you’ve always wanted to know something about beauty, now’s your chance!

Chill out

And finally, remember, it’s only face paint! It comes off with the swipe of a cotton pad – try and enjoy the experience, there’s nothing to be frightened of.

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