life: 8 adult things to do with a pumpkin

The short-lived pumpkin season is upon is.


What lasts maybe a fortnight, surrounding the Halloween hype, is the pumpkin’s time to shine. Pumpkin is a type of squash, and although hollowing them out and shining a candle through ghostly faces is the norm at this time of year, I felt the need to delve further into the pumpkin phenomenon. I’ve got me a thing for butternut squash, so what could I do with a pumpkin?

First up, I decided I wasn’t content with a shop bought pumpkin, so I hunted online and found a pick your own farm not far away. A fun afternoon out, something great to do as an adult as well as with kids – and of course, the perfect photo opportunity. At our place, any pumpkin was £2, and they were enormous compared to what you get in supermarkets. I also picked up some adorable smaller squashes to try and use…but they’ll mostly likely act as props in some autumnal photo taking session.


So, Peter Pumpkin, what am I going to do with you?
  • Pumpkins are traditional to North America, and we all know about their November holiday, Thanksgiving. A traditional Thanksgiving dessert is pumpkin pie. With a sweet short crust pastry case, the pumpkin flesh is used for this pudding. Try the BBC’s Good Food recipe here.
  • The seeds from pumpkins aren’t to be missed either. Something I do with butternut squash seeds (as told about by my dear friend Jo), is roast them in some oil and salt. When cooled, they make a great little snack to nibble on.
  • If you’re into your natural beauty and are feeling adventurous, why not try a pumpkin face mask? Pumpkin is high in vitamins A, C and E which all helps with wrinkles and are full of antioxidants. I found this recipe on Beautylish which uses just milk, honey and pumpkin puree.
  • The obvious has to be pumpkin soup. This is most likely my use for ol’ Peter P. There’s a million ways you could use it – roast it up with some other veg and blend with stock, or try something a bit more exciting, like this creamy pumpkin and lentil soup.
  • This one’s a little bit out there but if you’re green fingered, it’s a nice autumnal addition to your garden. Hollow out your pumpkin as per, and filled it with some of your favourite fall flowers – you could even display it in your window for passers by to admire.
  • Another option I might take is pumpkin cupcakes. This Chowhound recipe is super simple, and they also point you in the direction of pumpkin cream cheese frosting. Looks easy enough to me!
  • Something else that caught my eye was pumpkin bread. I love me any type of bread, and this particular recipe has been recommended to me.
  • Pumpkin crisps are super simple to make – and actually require the skin for once. Skin the pumpkin carefully and cut it into strips, salt and oil it up, roast for 25 minutes and nibble away.