adopting a cat – two months on

We’ve had Bee living with us for over a month now. You can read about when we got her here.


So, how is it? I’ll admit, she’s been more of a handful than we expected. Everyone thinks cats are so easy – they do as they please, sleep all day and come and go when it suits them. A bit of food and they’re set. How glad we didn’t get a kitten, or god forbid, two!

Bee is a lovely cat. She’s friendly and her confidence has grown loads in the time she’s been with us. Although under the sofa is her favourite spot, she comes out to greet us as soon as we get home and although playful, is never viscous intentionally. She’s obviously been well toilet trained and used her litter tray from day one. The incessant digging in the litter and obesessive need to cover it over is still a problem, but one we fixed by investing in a slightly more expensive tray that came with a lid. Now she has a little kitty bathroom, which stops her spreading litter all over the house. Problem number one: solved.


Our main issue with Bee is her scratching. She really goes to town on the carpet (our new carpet, sob) and has done some reasonable damage in places. Citrus repellant spray seems to work okay, but the only real way to stop her is to put tin foil down on the areas she goes for. Saying that, we can’t cover the whole house and she doesn’t have a favourite spot, anything will do! So far she hasn’t really gone for the sofa, touch wood, but the carpets have taken a battering. She ignored the luxury scratching post I got her (which has since gone to a new Gumtree home), and even now she goes outside, it doesn’t seem to deter her. Problem number two: unsolved.

Around two weeks ago, we let Bee outside for the first time. We can’t really have a cat flap which gives me no end of anxiety. I’m so used to letting my kitties roam free, safe in the knowledge they can get back in if they need to. Right now, Bee is let out when I get home from work and she tends to stay close. She doesn’t go out for long – we don’t think she was ever let out in her old home, so I’m not too worried about her disappearing. I’m still a super anxious cat-mum however, and like to keep an eye on her when she does go out adventuring. So far, so good on that front.


Overall, it’s really lovely having Bee live with us. She’s very cute and does some pretty hilarious things (chilling in the slow cooker box for the evening to name but one). She’s definitely come with some hiccups and I’ll admit, I didn’t factor them all into our everyday life beforehand. Clearing her litter tray and making sure she’s fed adds a few more minutes onto my regimented morning routine! I still don’t regret getting her, despite our few issues. Sam might say otherwise! But it’s so nice to have the pitter patter of kitty feet nearby. Saying that, if I’m having this much trouble with a cat, thank the lord I’m not feeling maternal anytime soon…!

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