3 secrets to successful weightloss

For me, adjusting my eating is the only way to drop pounds.

I’ve tried all sorts of exercise, but if I don’t shift my diet alongside, I get nowhere – I’m sad to say, there is no secret to weightloss! Saying that, it’s only in the last 2-3 years that I’ve successfully lost weight. And now I’ve worked out the fundamentals behind it, I thought I’d share them with you. Don’t get your hopes up, there’s no miracle fixes here. It still takes determination and self control, but there are three things I know help me along the way.

Be prepared

Something I learnt pretty quickly about eating well is that there are no quick fixes. Grabbing a snack in Tesco is pretty much impossible, unless you’re a real banana fiend (and even then, Tesco Express’ selection leaves a lot to be desired). A long day at work, a day out or even a weekend away will require you to to be prepared. I make my lunch for work everyday anyway, so when I’m trying to be good, I can plan what I’m going to eat the next day. I never leave myself short – plenty of healthy snacks (fruit, veg, homemade dips, yoghurt) go along way, and a big lunch do me well.

Being prepared is about shopping right too. We shop in Lidl and the amount we can get for our money is great. They also change up their fruit and veg selection regularly so we get all sorts of variation. Currently, I’m really into mango and they’re just 89p. I picked up four this week to see me through lunches, snacks and puddings. It’s worth buying in bulk if you know you’re going to eat it so you’ll never run out and make a dash for the cornershop.

So many people don’t eat enough when trying to be good, but for me, there’s nothing worse than a 3pm hunger pang. Only last week I was visiting my grandparents and I knew, however homely it is, their cupboards would be stocked with sweet treats and lunch would be fish and chips. Instead, I took myself a mango, a tub of fromage frais and a tin of beans! Lunch and snacks sorted. You look a little crazy, but it’s worth it.

Write it down

For me, food diaries are the way to go. When I stop writing my days food down, I fall off the wagon. There’s just something about it that makes it more real. And it’s also a great tool for showing other people who want to do the same, quite how much you do eat! My food diaries are always pretty extensive, but it’s really satisfying seeing all the right things listed.

Keep it clean

And finally, when it comes to making meals, or snacking for that matter, the cleaner, the better. Not in a pass-me-the-quinoa way, but if it’s clean, you know what’s in it. Clean eating is avoiding anything processed and it really does make dieting easier. I’m not overly strict but if I make a meal from scratch, it’s so much easier to measure what I’m eating if all the ingredients are fresh.

Follow these three rules and I promise, eating well won’t become a chore, just a part of life!

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