the multi-coloured maxi

Work has well and truly taken over my life in the past few weeks. My grand plans of getting back to regular blogging have been scuppered temporarily but I’ve found some time to sit down and cobble something together.


Let’s talk about summer

Why did it leave us so fast? I’m back in tights at work, and my monochrome scarf is firmly with me at all times. I missed the ‘transitional dressing’ memo and hopped straight into Autumnal head-to-toe. Honestly, I don’t mind – I love wrapping up warm as much as the next girl, but looking at these photos does make me wonder how summer passed by so fast.


Our trip to the US this summer was incredibly laid back. After the wedding, which you can read about in my previous posts, we spent two weeks up in Maine soaking in the American summer. No fancy meals out, just unadulterated chill out. I’ll be showing a little of what we got up to soon but in the meantime I wanted to share the beauty of this dress. The colours are so stunning, although admittedly clash with our neighbours patriotic flag somewhat. And it was one of the easiest options in my holiday wardrobe. The beauty of a maxi, no fuss. I was anxious about the fabric – a silky number, but it skimmed in all the right places and I certainly needed that after 3 weeks of food USA-style, yougetme?


Dress & Sandals – ASOS | Sunglasses – Old Navy

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