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It’s about time I introduced you to my first designer handbag. I read blogs where the authors have named luggage coming out of every nook in their wardrobe, but it’s safe to assume I’m a pretty typical highstreet girl. I have my favourites – Mango, Zara. I prefer the roomier totes, and interchange between tan in summer and black in winter. Yet, over recent months, I’ve developed the need for something more slim line. Perhaps more secure, but realistically, something that I can’t fit quite so much junk into.

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All you need is love handbags

Meet the M.A.C. Crossbody, by Rebecca Minkoff. RM is a brand I first heard about when I was a YouTube junkie. Brits would go mad for it on their endless trips to LA, and when my sister’s BFF moved across to New York this Spring, I thought I’d check out their website, knowing they were well known for their smaller, crossbody bags. I rather luckily stumbled onto the site during a 24 hour 70% off sale (UK retailers, take note), and was instantly sucked into the vast array of small satchels, in every colour and texture you could imagine. Although initially looking at the Mini M.A.C.’s, which sat comfortably in my price range, I came across one full size M.A.C., for just $30 more than I originally planned to pay. After checking out the sizing with my trusty 30cm ruler, I hit purchase, and as they say, the rest was history.

 rebecca minkoff mac

The Rebecca Minkoff M.A.C. Crossbody is bigger than the Mini M.A.C, which as far as I can see, is the most popular. My exact bag no longer exists online, but checking back to my emails, I paid $198 for it. The Mini’s, at regular non-sale price, cost $195, so I think I got myself a good deal on the bigger size. This suits me better – I’m not a small person, and quite frankly, I do carry some junk around with me. In this, I can fit my purse, phone, keys and my Olympus Pen (with a spare lens). There’s no room for more than that mind! As a 6 footer, I was over the moon to discover the cross body chain sat at a decent length for me – so many are too short and cut my body in half. I can comfortably wear it across, in front of me or on one shoulder. The strap also detaches to make a clutch, which I’m yet to do.

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The gold hardware can seem a little overwhelming at first, but I’ve learnt to love it (and turn the back around if I want a more demure look!). I love the expensive black leather, and patterned interior. The bag feels weighty, but not heavy – a sign of its quality. I’m still one of those people – keeping it in its dust bag when it’s not in use, but don’t get me wrong, I’m not precious. This bag frequented a few questionable bars in Portugal this June and will be accompanying me to NYC and Copenhagen this summer. It’s the ideal evening bag, as well as a secure, everydayer. Now I know it’s the bag for me, I’ve got my eye on a lighter shade…I’ll keep you posted!

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