why you need the olympus pen e-PL7

Whether you’re in or outside of the blogging bubble, the words Olympus Pen shouldn’t be alien to you. Although a bloggers favourite, it’s a camera that’s made its name outside the blogosphere, and one I see all over the place. It’s certainly popular, and the more I get to grips with mine, the more I can see why.

olympus pen 3

I got my Pen at Christmas – my Dad was feeling generous, and I had a discount code. Plus, he’s a camera nerd as well. The perfect combo! The Pen comes in at under £500, and although the price differs where you go – you’re looking at £300-400. Not a cheap point and shoot, but a rightful price for its capabilities.

olympus pen 1


First up, let’s be superficial. How does it look? Gorgeous and retro is the answer. The main part of the Pen’s appeal is its design. We all know vintage is fashionable, and the clever guys over at Olympus have tapped into that, making a beautifully modern camera with a classic, old-fashioned look. We shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but the Pen certainly ticks the boxes in the design stakes. I’ll admit, it’s pretty heavy but I can deal with weight if it means the size is smaller, and the camera more robust.

olympus pen 4


The Pen offers a large touch screen, which takes up the majority of the back of the camera. Personally I like this – it’s clear and easy to use. It does mean the actual buttons alongside are pretty small, but the majority of fiddling is done on screen. It’s never really bothered me, but I know it is a bugbear for some. The menu options could be a little clearer, but if I say I found my way around without the manual, you can see it’s not a difficult feat.

olympus pen 5


The clarity of the images I take on my Pen are second to none. Whether it’s group shots at special occasions, or a more creative shot for my blog, they’re guaranteed to be crisp and sharp due to its impressive image processing technology. As a point and shoot/DSLR hybrid, I love the ease of this. I love to be able to fiddle with aperture, but leave shutter speed up to the mechanics. I can always trust my Pen to deliver a really sharp shot. If you’re someone who shoots on the go, the Pen offers an amazingly fast auto-focus, which is great when life is flashing by!

In low light, on Auto, the Pen has a habit of adding a bit too much warmth to photos and this is one of my only real gripes. And of course, this just requires a lack of laziness on my part! In darker settings, I do have to switch the camera to a more manual mode in order to counter this. Oh, and it doesn’t come with a built in flash. Not a problem for me, Ms. Anti-Flash, but something others might find an annoyance – you can buy one separately.

olympus pen 2


I’ve picked up a second lens for my Pen recently, which really has made my love for it triple. I recently got my hands on the 45mm 1.8, for my summer trips this year. This means I can shoot normal holiday snaps as well as outfit photos for my blog, with one camera. In fact, my DSLR is almost redundant, as I just love how my new lens captures style shots. There are 15 lenses the Pen can handle which is a pretty great choice.

olymous pen 6


The Pen is Wifi enabled which means with the Olympus app, you can connect to your Smartphone at any time and transfer photos across. Perfect for those who want a really slick Insta-game, or just for emailing shots others want, quickly. And for the selfie takers among us, the flip screen is a dream, as well as the in built Art Filters for playing around.

Overall, I’m really impressed with my Olympus Pen e-PL7. Not only does it look the part, but it produces some of the best photos I’ve ever taken. I can’t wait to travel with it this summer and see what else it has to offer!

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