life: a new katherine-louise

Falling out of love is a never a nice feeling. I don’t just mean with people either – with passions and interests. As a kid, I lost my love of horse riding after one too many tumbles (and mouths full of sand), and although I was relieved to be regaining my Saturday afternoons back, I felt disappointment that it wasn’t something I stuck out. I’ve been writing my blog since 2011, so we’re coming up to the four year mark. In that time, I’ve had one name change and maybe two or three designs.

blogging collage

Don’t be afraid to start over. It’s a chance to rebuild what you want.

Since moving house in March, my blog’s taken a back seat. I restarted full time work in November, and once we were in the new place, we didn’t have any internet connection for three months. At first, I would head to my parents to use theirs, but this became more and more aggravation and eventually I pretty much stopped blogging all together. That said, I was, and still am, an avid blog reader and love to see the creative spaces people make for themselves online. I often felt envy towards those who were doing it so well, and anger at myself for letting something that still interests me so much, slip.


This post is meant to be an introduction to my new blog – not a ramble about the inevitable highs and lows of writing one. So, TaDa! In an attempt to reignite my blogging spirit, I opted for a fresh design. In time, I might even switch up the name but right now, I’m over the moon with my new look. Not only is the branding exactly what I’ve wanted for so long, all the little tricks and widgets are spot on too. I used a premade template from Pipdig, who I know are super popular right now and doing amazingly. If I had a little more time and money, I would’ve gone for a semi-customisable but needs must. I love the simplicity, but also the uniqueness of the layout. I’ve not had a sidebar in a while and I like the neatness – although perhaps in time I’ll add an About tab.


To put a positive spin on what effectively is my ‘last-ditch attempt’ at enjoying blog writing – this post marks the beginning of a fresh, more mature blogging space for Katherine-Louise. Think ‘worldy-wise mid twenties outlook on life’ – and all the highs that come with it. I hope you enjoy!

Tell me more about Katherine-Louise

If you’ve landed here, you’re probably looking to find out more about Katherine-Louise. Run by me, Kat - put simply I'm a 30 year old who is decidedly normal. My blog is a destination for women just like me - the same interests and aspirations, working our way through the same twists and turns of life. Katherine-Louise is designed to inspire and inform; to give you a break from the norm as well identify with the beauty of routine. A fifteen minute recoup, or an hours vacation, it’s the go-to for Everyday-Joe’s, just like me, who want a few minutes off the radar.