beauty: 20 years of liz earle




If someone asks me about skincare, and they’re new to the whole thing (you know, those people who swear by facewipes and baby lotion. Shudder), there’s always one brand that I’ll recommend.  Liz Earle was the first brand I discovered in the realms of higher end skincare, after hearing so much hype about their Cleanse and Polish. For those who don’t know, Cleanse and Polish is a creamy cleanser, used with water, that you can remove make up with and wash the day away. I’ve used it for years, and although tried out a number of other cleansers, I always come back to it. It’s fail-safe and really is a dream to use – it feels luxurious, smells divine and leaves my skin feeling clean but nourished.


 This year, the iconic brand are celebrating their 20th anniversary, having launched their first product in 1995. As part of their celebrations, they have launched a trio of limited edition cleansers, presented in a rather beautiful collectors tin. To me, this is such a perfect set of a products I know I love and will without a doubt use up! The three scents  – Rose and Lavender, Grapefruit and Patchouli and Orange and Chamomile, all have that luxury natural spa scent that I love from Liz Earle. So far, I’ve been using Grapefruit and Patchouli which I adore, and I shared a tin with a friend who says Rose and Lavender is just as gorgeous as you’d expect! They are actually first time Liz Earle users and can’t rave enough about how clean their skin feels when they use the cleanser with the muslin cloth it comes with.


 To pick up the trio set, visit John Lewis online here or pop into a store. A beautiful gift for a first time user…or yourself!

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