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Neither the hummingbird, nor the flower, wonders how beautiful it is


This week saw my Mum’s 57th birthday, and with a little time on my hands, I decided the last third of her present would be a cake. Although baking in our new house is a little challenging, what with such a small kitchen, I’m getting the hang of it and decided to give the Hummingbird Cake a try. This cake is actually a 1920s American recipe and has little to do with the renowned Hummingbird Bakery that we know today. Revived by Jamie Oliver in his Comfort Food book, it’s a dense banana cake with added pineapple and pecans for a bit of pizzazz!


I decided on a light pink cream cheese frosting to give the cake a birhtday feel – I thought it’d looked a little too like a carrot cake with a plain icing, and you’re actually meant to ice it all the way around. I had to transport it by myself in my cake tin and didn’t think it would travel well like that, so I opted for middle and top with crushed pecans and white chocolate stars to finish it off.


This cake is incredibly heavy, in terms of taste and weight! It’s made with oil instead of butter and (despite Jamie’s words) so is a true cake instead of a sponge. I found mine needed much longer in the oven than the recipe said, and even then could’ve had more. I’ll admit as it was my first try, it certainly isn’t perfect and is on the doughy dense side once cut into, but edible nonetheless! Next time, a lower temperature for much longer…


You can find Jamie Oliver’s revived recipe here

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