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 No two persons ever read the same book


I’ve been hearing about ‘disconnected’ or ‘unplugged’ weddings a lot recently – where guests are asked to keep their cameras and phones away, for the ceremony at least, to enable them to enjoy the moment (and let the pro-photographer do their thing!). Inadvertently, since moving into our new house, we’ve had a taste of life without an internet connection and after the initial pain barrier was broken, we’ve kind of got used to it.


We moved in late March, and despite being booked in to get connected on 22nd April, BT lived up to their reputation and let us down, telling us it would May at the earliest. You might’ve noticed my blog has been lacking, and although I’ve taken a few trips home to Mum and Dad’s to use their wifi, it’s been semi-refreshing. I’ll admit, there are times when I’ve been frantically looking at my phone, urging the 3G to hurry up (thank god for unlimited) and I’ve had the odd night where I’ve longed for Netflix. But it’s definitely given me a taste of a different kind of everyday life.


For a start, we’re both sleeping better. No iPads in the bedroom or YouTube before bed has allowed us both to relax before trying to drift off, and we’ve taken to a nightly chat before bed rather than rolling over and stuffing our headphones in. I’ve also started reading again, a cliché perhaps, but really refreshing! I’ve nearly finished my latest book (The Thread by Victoria Hislop) and I’m hoping I’ll keep it up when the internet finally returns to our lives. There’s been minimal moments where I’ve wondered what to do and wished for some sort of wifi connection – running your own house, no matter how small, takes a lot and there’s usually something to be getting on with! We’ve even sat down and played games together (granted, on the PlayStation but still something we wouldn’t have thought to do before). I find myself looking for new ways to keep busy – DIY, planning upcycling projects, cooking, gardening. I guess these are all activities that come with having a new house but are also things we may not have prioritised if we had YouTube to distract us!

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