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We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us


My mum often calls me a hedonist. Which is quite the title for someone who lives in a two up, two down in the average sized railway town they grew up in, with a regular 9-5 (…alright, 3) job at the local school and who occasionally dabbles in beautifying brides at the weekend to quell the need for some creativity.


I make it sound worse than it. I’m actually pretty content right now – we’ve got our new house and everything is fresh and lovely. Granted there’s a never-ending list of chores but as I’ve been told ample times, ‘Welcome to the real world’. I enjoy my job on the most part and have it pretty good with my hours and time off. My salary reflects this mind, don’t getting any wild ideas about working in education. My social life is busy and diverse, and my only real worry is the usual late 20’s woes of weightloss and money saving.


Perhaps part of my current content stems from the summer I have ahead of me. I love to travel. Don’t’ we all? I don’t actually think we all do. My other half is very content in his comfort zone and I am making it my mission to show him just why I love to travel so much. There is nothing more exciting to me than taking in new sights, foods, drinks – the strangely empowering and independent feeling of ‘what shall we explore today?’, and what’s next on the list. I love to take photographs and although snapping make up and fashion is enjoyable, I feel most at home when my camera is round my neck and I’m just enjoying. This is where my love of photography started. I used to go out on a Saturday with my family and just document what we got up to. Nothing was staged and nothing was hard work.


I feel like that is the real essence of travel. Everything is new – beautiful and eyecatching, and it comes to you. It makes me feel comfortable.


This summer I’ve got a host of trips lined up, which I am incredibly grateful (and poor) for. I’ll be spending time in New York, both in the city and upstate, The Algarve, another dash across to my sister’s current dwellings in Copenhagen, Boston and the rest of Maine. We might even get Niagra or Montreal in there too – if I really push my luck.


I’m so inspired by other people’s travels, and today lost over an hour just browsing Instagram taking in the sights of Cape Town on another blogger’s account. A place I’d never looked into much before, but now would love to know more about. To live somewhere so geographically stunning blows my mind, and a tiny part of me is waiting (praying) for the day I could live in such a place.


I can’t wait to have my camera in hand and to explore my list. It definitely adds to my current state of happiness – knowing my real love is right around the corner, and for three months almost non-stop no less.


 Who says you can’t do it all?

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