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I’ll admit that in the last six months, beauty buying has become less and less frequent for me. I hadn’t had my hair cut or coloured in a salon for well over a year, and because I was rarely visiting the shops, I wasn’t making sporadic Boots buys. Last month I took a trip to a local salon for a little treat, where an apprentice put some lovely balayage back in my hair to lift it for summer. For that reason, my hair’s become ever so slightly more dry in the last few weeks and my usual combination of products wasn’t making the cut for special occasions.


When these products from Garnier landed on my doormat, I was rushing to the bathroom to try them out before you could shout shampoo! I’ve trialled the Ultimate Blends range before, so when the opportunity to give the new Strength Restorer kit* a go, I was like a kid at Disneyland. My hair gets used to shampoos fairly quickly so using a new one was instantly a win. My hair felt incredibly clean and light but not stripped, and although my very sensitive scalp seemed a little dry when I stepped out the shower, this isn’t uncommon for me.


I’ve used both the conditioner and the treatment and although both lovely, my hair really drank up the intensive 1 minute mask. It’s heavy duty enough to seal my ends but not greasy, nor did it weigh my hair down. I love my hair to feel clean and bouncy and I’m not a big fan of products, so a fresh but efficient conditioner is my choice!


This leads me onto the serum which is by far my favourite product from the range – a multitasker, injecting some sleek moisture into wet hair pre-styling, and then sealing down flyaways and ends on second day hair. The smell is divine – to me it’s a honey and apricot combination but it’s a really lovely, non artificial scent.


I love to have the full kit of hair products so I’ve been really spoilt in trying these products out. My hair definitely thanked me for it and I wore a big bouncy blowdry to a birthday party on Saturday night. The range is paraben free and designed especially for brittle, fragile hair – which mine definitely has a tendency to be, especially with a little bleach in it.

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