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If life gives you lemons, keep ’em. Because. Free lemons


If you don’t already know, at the very end of last year, I took on an office job. Needs must and all, and although I’m every inch still a freelance make up artist, our priorities changed and I made the jump to a more stable salary based role. That said, in my job, we have a little something called Free Cake Friday. I work in a school you see, so every week a different department cook up a batch of treats for Friday breaktime – a little 15 minute break to catch up with people who you might only ever see once a term!


This week, it’s my buildings turn so I thought I’d give something a whirl that I haven’t tried before – Lemon Drizzle Cake. I have absolutely no idea why I chose this – although it’s a cake I like, it’s not really a flavour I’d usually opt for. Saying that, I’m really pleased with how it turned out and it tastes really, really good.


I chose a BBC Good Food recipe again after my foodie friend (who’s blog you can find here FYI) raved about how good they are. She isn’t wrong, I’ve had alot of BBC related success lately. There are a few choices, but the one I went for was this one.


I like a recipe that feels big – and by big, I mean, I like a lot of mixture. I have trouble with cakes rising so it makes me uneasy when there isn’t much batter! This cake had plenty, my mixing bowl and cake tin were filled to the brim. I made sure I mixed for a decent amount of time to let lots of air in, and I actually baked it for around an hour which is longer than it suggests but every oven is different.  I love the even, buttery yellow colour the cake turned out!


The only piece I had trouble with was the lemon and sugar drizzle – I think perhaps mine was too watery to set in a thick white paste but it tastes just as it should and that’s what matters!

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