style: how to wear a leather skirt

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Coat – F&F | Top & Shoes – Primark | Skirt – H&M | Clutch – Whistles | Watch – Michael Kors


l can’t even rewind my memory far enough back to the last proper style I posted here – I reckon it was in the summer sometime, when the days were longer, I wasn’t working a full time job, and I was more willing to show myself off in front of the camera. Around 10lbs heavier and a lot less tanned, I’m back today under duress!


Perhaps not quite that extreme, but I had to force myself out and about to take some snaps this weekend – I needed a push back into it. I absolutely adore style posts and have been pinning like mad on Pinterest lately to pick up style tips, so I thought it about time I bit the bullet and jumped back in.


I’ve been going out a lot more in the last few months which has meant a fair few more outfit requirements and this (p)leather pencil has served me well. Teamed with a long sleeved crop or a tucked in cami, it’s simple and elegant…and a total bitch to sit down in! I first wore this out to dinner and swiftly regretted it. One for standing and dancing in for sure, and not so much sitting down  – words of warning!


You might also notice my new menu bar up top on the blog, which is a list of categories I have. If you hover, you’ll also see I’m working on sub dividing them so for Style we now have a split of SS and AW. Same goes for Food, Travel and Beauty. Neat huh?

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