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If I call you darling, will you make me pancakes?


I’ve been eyeing up some of these ‘healthy’ pancakes for while now – they’ve been doing the rounds on blogs and Instagram and as a total pancake fiend, I thought I should give them a try. If there’s a healthier way I can enjoy my favourite food, I should give it a go, right?


The ones above are known by a multitude of names – no bloat, grain free, gluten free, 2 ingredients, clean. But effectively, they’re banana pancakes made out of one egg and two bananas. I was pretty baffled how they’d work but as you can see – they came out okay!


In terms of making, they’re pretty simple too. The recipe made 5 for me but you can go bigger or smaller.


All you need is:


2 bananas

1 egg

Pinch of cinnamon and baking powder

Toppings of choice!


Mash bananas as smoothly as possible then beat in the egg, getting rid of lumps as you go. This isn’t the easiest but I don’t think it matters too much!


Add in your cinnamon and baking powder.


Lubricate a frying pan – I use low cal spray but you can use butter or marg too. Pour mixture into pan into little pancake puddles.


I added blueberries as I cooked so they were soft and gooey. Totally optional.


Cook on a low heat – this is key as they burn quite quickly! You want the inside to be fluffy, not gooey. Don’t forget to flip!


Remember to keep your first lot warm in the oven – these definitely need to be eaten hot.


Add your toppings of choice – we went for greek yoghurt and maple syrup which tasted delish with the warm blueberries (next time, I’m going for Nutella!). The pancakes are very banana-y but totally delicious for what’s in them.


Let me know if you try them!


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