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A woman is helpless only when her nail polish is drying


It’s a woman-wide fact that waiting for your nail polish to dry is nightmarish. You can’t do anything – answer the door, get changed, let alone go to the bathroom. Over the last couple of months, I’ve learnt the value of a good topcoat. Seche Vite, Essie…I’ve tried a few. I like them for longevity but find they often turn gloopy after a short amount of time. When looking for a new one online lately, I came across this offering from Sally Hansen, a well known name on the nail-circuit.


The Insta Dri Top Coat promises two things – a chip free manicure and dry nails within seconds. Sold, for under £7 on Amazon. First thing, as a Top Coat goes it’s glossy, thin in consistency (I hate me a thick top coat) and does provide a pretty good buffer against chips. But what I was really interested in was this Insta Dri business. If I tell you I painted my nails this afternoon, and blew my nose (cold, be gone!) around 3 minutes later with zero smudges or imprints, would you believe me? I wanted to shout from the roof tops about this product – it’s a must for any nail polish painting lady! For under ten pounds, it’s got to be one of the best I’ve tried. It ticks all the boxes for me!

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