banoffee pie with pecans




Banoffee Pie? No Thanks. Thank God, you would’ve broken my heart if you’d said yes.


Today I’m sharing with you what I deem to be a bit of personal triumph. A few weeks back, friends were hosting a games night and I offered to bring a pud. When asking the gang what pudding they fancied, I got a unanamous reply of Banoffee Pie…and instantly panicked! Saying that, once I started reading recipes online, I discovered it’s nowhere near as hard as it seems and just required a bit of patience.


The one above is following the BBC Good Food recipe, which you can find here. I followed it exactly, bar one recommendation from a foodie friend, which was to mix Hobnobs in with the Digestives for the base. Saying that, as I went through the recipe, I found I did need to make some executive decisions, like whipping more cream than it says as it didn’t look enough. My other word of advice is to be patient with the caramel! It takes a fair bit of stirring and time to look how it should. I found it pretty oily, which I think is how it’s meant to be to seep into the biscuit base to hold it together.


The pie turned out really well – as you can see from my photos above! Those with an eagle eye will notice the greaseproof paper is still stuck to the bottom – I was too nervous to remove it before I took it to our friends. I will say, you might want to mix some butter into the biscuit base as it kind of crumbles apart when you cut it as there wasn’t any sort of sticking agent included in the recipe. Other than that, it tasted amazing  – including the caramel sauce on the side!

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