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I don’t know about you, but when Christmas comes around, I always feel the need to get crafty. Saying that, I may be mildy creative, but crafty…I struggle with. I was browsing Pinterest for some relatively simple festive craft ideas, you know, the type kids can do, and I came across these – orange and clove pomanders. My mum says she remembers making them at school and they looked simple enough.


Armed with my shopping list, I hit up a market – one of the cheapest ways to do something like this, and picked up oranges, Christmas ribbon and even a thimble. I could only find cloves in the Indian supermarket, but I’m sure larger Asda stores or similar have them.


It’s pretty self explanatory but I’ll run you through anyway:


1. Tie your ribbon around the fruit in a criss-cross fashion to ensure it’s tight. Leave extra length on top if you plan to hang them. I found using a pin handy for this, but someone to hold it in place would be good too.


2. Grab your cloves (and thimble!) and start decorating. You can do whatever you want and they certainly don’t have to be neat. There’s some amazing ones on Pinterest – mine are pretty basic and…experimental, but they still look and smell amazing regardless of the pattern. You can try using an orange zester or peeler to create designs too.


3. I didn’t do this, but some people roll the pomanders in orris root to act as a fixative to ensure they last longer. I was lazy but worth a try if you’re into your crafts. My mum also mentionned drying them out in the airing cupboard but I’m still investigating as I heard it shrinks the oranges meaning your ribbon will sag.


As far as I can tell, these smell amazing already. Perhaps they won’t last that long, but they definitely look cute and were fun to make!

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