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It’s not an obvious thing for me, changing my beauty routine with the seasons. I more adapt than actively partake in any set calendar that comes with the cooler months. I was thinking about blog posts however, and I noticed I had slowly been migrating to other products as my skin, hair and body were altering against the colder winds and drier air.


If we take body as a starting point, it’s actually an old favourite that I’m just using more regularly. Aveeno’s Daily Moisturising Lotion is a on and on winner for me – intense on the job, but so light feeling and fast drying, it works for me in the morning and at night. It’s ideal for irritated skin as oats are a natural soother, so if you suffer from dry itchy skin, it’s worth a try.


For the face, I’ve replaced my mattifying moisturiser for something slightly richer by the way of Elemis’ Hydra Balance Day Cream* which just seems to get it right for me. Richer than I’m used to, I apply it 10-15 mintues before make up, giving it time to sink in. At night, I’ve been trying to use an oil as although my skin is a touch drier at the moment, it’s also very oily during the day. The use of  Odylique’s Superfruit Concentrate* just before bed seems to aid in what is a long process of balancing my ever changing skin!


A recent find for my hair is Dove’s Damage Solutions Intensive Repair Express Treatment Conditioner. Usually on offer, but under £5 anyway, this is up there with my high end favourites. Super fresh, hydrated and best of all, shiny hair.


My make up stays much the same come rain or shine in terms of colour palette, but I recently picked up Sephora’s CC Cream whilst abroad and I’m in love with it. Super lightweight and undectable, it’s a miracle in a bottle for removing redness and evening out skintone. It dries down reasonably matte which I like, and just looks so youthful and fresh. Speaking of Sephora, I’ve also thrown in my winter favourite nail polish – their Formula X Nail Polish in Impeccable is by far my favourite. A lovely grey nude witha  hint of lilac.


And to finish it off, lets talk lips. Mine aren’t so bad this year, but I have taken up running so I like to keep them protected when I go out in the cold. I’ve been reaching for a product called Envy Derm Intensive Lip Renewal Therapy* – a gloss like product that really penetrates and soothes dry lips. It’s full of ingredients to aid the appearance of fine lines and unhappy lips too.


Which beauty products have you thrown into your winter routine?


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