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I’ve broken down my Rome snaps into 3 posts, just so we didn’t get photo-overload and today I’m sharing our second day with you. We didn’t have any set plans or tickets booked for this day so we just mooched around, saw a few sights and popped into a few shops. The boys actually went to a football game which they loved, as the Rome team Lazio are notorious nutters! We found them some hours later in a American Sports Bar with some new found friends learning the rules of American Football…when in Rome!


Me and Lizzie took ourselves off to look around a few shops, hunt down Giolitti – the most famous gelato shop in Rome (it didn’t disappoint!) before wandering the streets back to the flat as the sun went down – my favourite part of the holiday! We refreshed and headed more central for dinner and more of that delicious house white…


Top tips and must do’s from Day 2:


Mid morning we stopped for a snack and a drink – our helpful waiter let us in on the tip that if it’s a cafe in Italy, the food generally won’t be fresh. The sandwiches perhaps, but if it says cafe and serves pasta or pizza, it’ll be out the freezer. He said you need to find a proper restaurant for a fresh meal!


The boys spent quite a bit of time working out how to get football tickets for the Lazio match. It turns out you need to head to Piazza Mancini in the north of the city to get them (and take your passport) – worth noting if you’re visiting and keen to go!


We tracked down Giolitti hidden down a backstreet and it’s famous for a reason! Their website is even drool-worthy. We visited twice and I sampled Nutella, Oreo, Chocolate, White Chocolate – all topped with whipped cream. Heaven.


For dinner, we were told to try the area around Piazza Novana – there’s so much choice of amazing traditional restaurants in a maze of backstreets.


Wherever you’re walking, have a peek in the doorways and churches you see – we found a few down the main shopping street that were super impressive and generally unnoticed!

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