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I’m writing this post after an impromptu whirlwind bedroom tidy, feeling a tiny bit fresher (decluttering always helps my brain settle) but still nowhere near inspired. That notoriously annoying iPhone app ‘TimeHop’ informed me this month is 3 years of blogging for me. Averaging 4/5 posts a week, that could be anything up to 800 posts. Which is 800 things I felt the urge to share with the world – write about, rant about, rave about.


Amongst throwing things (I frankly couldn’t be bothered to find a home for) in the laundry basket and finally putting my never ending supply of cosmetics and beauty stock in their rightful homes, I pulled out an array of things I ‘meant’ to look at. That magazine my sister saved for me, that novel my boyfriends mum lent me and a the mountain of catalogues that are building up pre-Christmas. All things I’ve kept in the hope that I’ll sit down with a cuppa, browse through and like magic, get my inspiration on…


And how many of us know that isn’t the case? Whether you’re a blogger or not, you might work in a creative environment where new ideas are needed week on week. Keeping things fresh and exciting, and above all interesting, is hardwork. I used to keep a list of ideas on my phone, How To’s and products to chat about but that’s recently fallen by the wayside. Is it because I’ve run out of things to talk about? Or am I growing up, changing, and is my blog taking a sharp left turn along with that?


I’ve never been adverse to change and my private life is going through some significant alterations lately. I’ll be turning 27 in the new year, and the idea of having my own place is coming ever so slightly more into view. Not forcing your creativity is vital to maintaining some sincerity, but a gentle nudge in the right direction doesn’t hurt when you’ve got some down time. I think it’s about time I gave myself a prod. Allure magazine, I’m coming for you…

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