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Last weekend, I discovered what I would now say is my favourite European city – Rome. I’ve only ever been to Italy for one night as a teenager and visting Rome has been on my list for years. We finally bit the bullet and decided to take 3 days out of October life – me, Sam, Lizzie and her boyfriend Rich, and head over to The Eternal City. It was everything I had hoped and I was completely blown away (the sunshine helped!).

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At every turn, down every street, the architecture is incredible. The Altare della Patria Monument, also known as Vittorio Emanuele II Monument, was a highlight for me despite not being a favourite of the locals (top). Nicknamed the Wedding Cake, it’s sheer size is just amazing and we found out later in the trip you could head to the top for a view of the city – more snaps of that in another post!


The Colesseum is another incredible site, which we were staying about a 15 minute walk from. I’d heard it’s more impressive from the outside than the in, which I’d agree with but it’s an amazing piece of architecture both ways. We preordered our tickets online which meant we jumped the queues – worth doing!


These snaps are from our first day exploring, after arriving late on the Friday evening. We saw the sights of The Forum as well, which isn’t too well explained so it’s worth reading up before or taking a guide book with you, although it’s still incredible to see without.


For lunch we hit up a backstreet traditional restaurant for some carbonara followed by gelato, which I can’t even explain how good it is! We managed to have 5 in a 3 day trip – it’s to die for. It’s different to the ice cream we know because it’s so much more rich and creamy. We visited some more sights before heading home to refresh before a gorgeous dinner in the Trastevere area.


Top tips and must do’s from Day 1:


We stayed in a fab AirBnB apartment here. Cheap, central and clean! Plus a super helpful host that kept in touch with us via WhatsApp throughout our trip to give us tips and answer questions.


We visited the Colesseum, The Forum, The Pantheon and Piazza Navona (beautiful!) in one day. You can fit so much in as things are reasonably close!


We ate dinner in the trendy area of Trastevere which we heard is good for markets in the day time also. The restaurant was called Ditta Trinchetti and despite some slow service (‘be patient, it’s Rome on a Saturday night!’), we enjoyed house wines and mixed meats here.


Wear trainers – you need flat supportive shoes for walking in Rome! It sounds obvious but the Metro is quite underdeveloped compared to what we know in the UK. The stations are few and far between and walking is a great way to see so much and get your bearings. The main area of the city isn’t that big so we walked for the majority, which allowed us to come across some hidden gems.


In Rome, you can’t hail taxi’s in the street. Luckily our host told us this, so keep an eye out for taxi ranks!


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