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tea party

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Every year, early September welcomes two of my best friends birthdays. Last weekend, we celebrated Lizzie‘s 27th with dinner at one of your favourite pubs, and this weekend we saw in my friend Anna’s 2-7 with a tea party. The most perfect tea party.


I’m not known for my baking skills amongst our group of friends – I tend not to contribute these days rather than bring along a half-hearted attempt, but when it was suggested we all bring a little something to the do, I decided to make it a personal project. My boyfriend’s mum is the Queen of Baking, so after deciding what I wanted to contribute, I pinched her recipe and got to work on a trial run.


My sister is getting married next year and whilst browsing all things wedding, I’ve seen a lot of these ‘naked’ cakes. Your basic Victoria sponge, tiered with beautiful berry and floral decorations – no icing, just plain and simple. I made that my mission, and after getting the hang of making a basic cake rise, I baked 3 of varying sizes, slapped them together with buttercream frosting and raspberry jam, threw on a whole host of berries and sprinkled on the icing sugar to create what we have above.


In fairness, I’m making this all sound a lot quicker than it was – it took me one whole afternoon to make the cakes, and another morning to painstakingly decorate (not to mention the trip to Ikea to buy a plate I deemed pretty enough to house my creation) – but I think it was worth it. I’ve included some other snaps above so you can see the other yummies we all made – smoked salmon blinis, almond tart, chocolate cupcakes, parma ham and pesto tartlets, mustard and cheese straws, blueberry muffins (coming soon – I got carried away!), chocolate chip cookies, Lizzie’s chocolate fridge cake (here) …I could go on! We finished things off with plenty of fizz and copious cups of tea. The perfect tea party!

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