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I’ll admit that one of the real pros of being a make up artist, is buying new make up. I generally tend to pick up bits here and there, as and when they run out, but sometimes you just need a little overhaul. I’ve got a lovely friend who works for the Lauder Group so she is my go-to for a cheeky discount when things need restocking – it’s a 60% saving so it’s definitely saved me some serious pennies and I’m eternally grateful to her!


I needed to restock a bulk of base products so first up I got a replacement Face & Body Foundation in the shade N1 which I seem to drink, and then I finally got my hands on a bottle of the white F&B which is ideal for those even paler, to mix in and create custom colours. I also use a combination of F&B and Pro Longwear Concealer to create a beautiful dewy foundation mix so I got myself an NC15 and NW15 in the concealer to keep me going for a few months.


Next I ordered a little something I’ve been wanting to try which is one of Mac’s Prep and Prime pens. I ordered Light Boost and it’s meant to be a highlighting pen of sorts. I’ve heard mixed reviews on this and various ways that it works best, so I’m going to give it a go on myself and if it’s a hit, I’ll be introducing it into my kit at some stage!


Finally, my two favourite buys. I ordered Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle, the beautiful rosy highligher which can do no wrong, and then I wanted to try Gold Deposit which is the much golder toned highlight for darker skins. I’m excited to use this as it looks so beautiful in the pan, and would also make a gorgeous eyeshadow.

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