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car boot sale tips


Two weekends ago, I hit up my first carboot sale of the year. I was selling, as I’d been collecting all sorts of rubbish that really needed to be sent to a more loving home. Granted, we were a little late in the summer, but fitting it in has been tricky. We made nearly £100, which isn’t bad seeing as it was a quiet week according to the regulars! We’re hoping to do one more before November time when they start to pack up for the season. I thought I’d write a post about my experiences with selling at car boot sales as I’ve had relative success over the years. It’s nothing groundbreaking but a few things that have worked for me!


1. Pack your table last. Rooky error made by me on my first ever sale – but you need your table out first, to lay your goods out on.


2. Don’t price things up – leave everything without a pricetag and let people come to you and ask how much it is. It’s just better than way!


3. Don’t be surprised if people haggle


4…. But equally, don’t give in if you really don’t want to. If they really want it, they’ll come back later for it.


5. Keep your car locked – your bound to take your handbag, so keep it hidden under the front seats of the car, and keep it locked up at all times. Obviously your boot will be open, but hopefully you will be there to man it!


6. Don’t go alone – it’s boring, and not overly safe in terms of theft to sell at a car boot alone. Whilst you’re unpacking, you need someone to keep an eye on things – likewise if you need the toilet or a drink.


7. Visit the tip afterwards. If you’re not planning to do another sale anytime soon, go home via the tip and get rid of what didn’t sell. It seems ruthless but it feels good!


8. If you’re selling clothes, take a rail and hangers. Clothes sell a lot better when they can be seen more clearly.


9. Take some plastic bags with you – it’s a little touch but people really appreciate it.


10. We usually take a cash tin with us, which we keep in the boot of the car, but admittedly that’s not the safest way to store your cash. A bumbag is best I think.


11. Dress for extremes – it sounds daft, but although it’s 20 degrees by midday at the moment, imagine how cold it is at 6,7,8am. I’ve been known to have to throw on an old coat I was meant to be selling because it’s so chilly!


12. Take snacks – cookies, fruit, a drink. There’ll usually be a hotdog van but we all know we shouldn’t – and it’ll cost the mornings wages!


13. It might seem obvious, but pack the car the night before!


14. Be smiley and approachable!


15. Make sure you, your car and your items (especially clothes) look clean and fresh. It sounds daft, but nobody wants to buy something that they think hasn’t been looked after.


Happy carbooting!

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