life: summer handbag essentials

summer handbag essentials


The contents of my handbag rarely changes – it’s a combination of laziness and the need to always been prepared. Saying that,  I’ve definitely noticed a few additions since the warmer weather came. The first few are practical – bottle of water, antihistamines, eye drops, sunnies, tissues and sun cream. They all serve a purpose against the sun, hayfever and dehydration.


Make up wise, it’s all about keeping my skin matte, my lips soft and adding a touch of colour. My usual Mac Studio Careblend powder, Collection’s Mardi Gras Strawberry Lipbalm* and Tanya Burr Lipgloss in Picnic in the Park hit the nail on the head for those beauty needs – along with my new mini hairbrush (who else finds their hair gets super knotty in the heat?).


My latest read is one I’ve mentionned already (The Island by Victoria Hislop). Although quite serious, it’s set in sunny Crete which is lovely for a summer read. I also listen to a lot more music in the warmer months so I’ve recently thrown in my headphones to keep me entertained when I’m out and about. For a quick splash of perfume, I carry The Body Shop’s Satsuma Eau de Toilette which is the summery scent and lastly, I picked myself up a 2014/15 academic diary as I’m starting to get work booked in for next year. It pays to be organised!


What do you add to your handbag for the summer?

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