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Since running my own business, I’ve sworn by my personal diary. I used to be a Filofax girl but sort of fell out of love with it being so big and heavy. Last year, I was kindly given a sweet little book from a client which has served me well, but for 2015, I fancied an upgrade. You might think I’m mad with January ’15 being 6 months away, but in the line of work that I do, I get booked up early. I’m already taking bridal bookings for next summer so it’s time to get organised.


This is where Personal Planner* steps in. Having admired Lizzie’s from afar, I was keen to get involved in the beautiful, organised action. Aside from the fact you get to go through the super fun process of designing your own diary, I just loved the simple layout and handy list sections. I chose to cover my planner in 9 Instagram pics of friends, family, pets and er…plants, which I think is really fun and unique. Of course you can go plain, or use one of the pre-made designs but I thought this was a special kinda idea. Inside, you can chose what lists you’ll use the most – I opted for To Do and List of the Week for things like shopping and emails to get back to. It also has a cute space on each day for my workouts, which is wishful thinking but worth a go nonetheless! You can also input all your important dates (birthdays, anniversaries) upfront so they are printed into the planner before it even reaches you.


I got the medium size which is just a bit bigger than a CD case. It’s lightweight with no heavy hardbacks and it has a plastic cover to keep the front protected. You can opt for bigger or smaller but I think this is the perfect size. Personal Planner also do wall planners which I think is next on my list! We’re all stationary nerds deep down, right?

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