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nivea sensitive skin range

When summer comes along, I always amp up my skin and body care. More flesh on show requires it to look smooth and healthy. We all know good looking skin comes from what we put in our bodies, but what we nourish it with from the outside plays a big part too. I was sent some items from the Sensitive range from Nivea to try this summer, and after a month or two of testing, I thought I’d give you my verdict. There’s loads of products in the Sensitive range, so I’ve only been trialling 4 products from the facial skincare collection.


First up, let’s talk Micellar Cleansing Water. These kind of products have been seriously hyped over the last 3 years, with French skincare leading the way. It’s so nice to see highstreet brands catching on, and this one from Nivea is by far the kindest to use. I’ve trialled a few and this one does the job with zero sting. It’s harmless and useful to have when you’re wearing stubborn make up. It didn’t remove anything waterproof but I tend not to expect micellar waters to do that, and leave that to stronger oil based cleansers.


Next is the Day Cream and Night Cream (both currently half price in Boots!) which I’ll bracket together because they come hand in hand. I have to say, I love the Night Cream but could happily leave the Day Cream. Both have mimimal scents – if anything at all. They’re  both very rich and intense which is what I love about the Night Cream and dislike about the Day Cream, on my oily skin. Overnight, my skin feels intensely moisturised, and I think the Day Cream would be a good shout for a drier skin type in the day under make up.


Finally, is probably the least used product from the gang and that’s the Cleansing Milk. I tend to use cleansers that I can wash off, so this product isn’t really up my alley but I gave it a whirl anyway. It’s very soothing and refreshing to use, it removed the bulk of my make up and although I felt free from make up afterwards, I still felt like I wanted to wash my face! I think it is preference though and I’m sure this is a lovely product if you are into your cleansing milks.


Overall, a lovely affordable range – all free from nasties (parabens, colours and perfumes), great for those who suffer with irritated skin but can’t afford anything too expensive.


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