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almond oil

We’ve all heard the mighty hype surrounding coconut oil (thanks Miranda Kerr) – it’s beauty and health benefits are undeniable. But today, I wanted to share another natural oil that I’m finding is a bit of a hit – and a touch cheaper too – Almond Oil.


I was first introduced to Almond Oil a month or so ago when my mum purchased some for her dry nails. The first time I used it, I was blown away by it’s intensity and ability to moisturise. I first used a slather of it on my feet, tucked them into a pair of thick socks and left them to work on my dry skin. Almost instantly, my cracked heels and unsightly toes looked better and just a few hours of sock-wear left me with visibily improved feet.


This has led onto me using Almond Oil on other parts of my body – elbows, knees, you name it. It’s a high intensity moisturiser in essence – no different to the oils you put in your hair. Talking of hair, we all know Almond Oil is a key ingredient in a lot of nourishing shampoos and conditioners, so slapping some onto my tresses didn’t seem like a bad idea. Cue shiny locks, after some time in a warm towel rinsed out, or used as a leave in treatment before blow drying. It worked a treat – just once a week mind, but my dry hair is lapping it up.


As I mentionned, my Mum orginially bought her bottle for use on her nails and of course it can be used as a cuticle oil and nourishment for dry nails. It’s pretty good on dry lips too, and TMI…it’s good for dry, flaky scalps. Apparently it’s worth dabbing some on your lashes and brows as a natural growth boost, but I’m yet to give it ago. I love using natural oils on my hair, skin and nails and Almond Oil costs just a few pounds (you can get it in Boots or Health Food Stores, even some supermarkets).

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