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Last Sunday I headed up to London for…well, I’m not 100% sure. Originally we were going to hit Kensington Palace as my Mum and sister have membership to the Royal Palaces, but my sister’s engagement kind of took hold and we just scheduled in a little bit of browsing wedding stuff. You know how it is. We decided to head to Sloane Square, starting with a baklava break at Comptoir Libanais, which is definitely somewhere I’d like to eat at properly.


After grabbing a real Kim K dress in the Zara sale (here), and leaving a pair of bargain £30 Whistles jeans in Peter Jones (sob – they just weren’t quite right), we headed up the Kings Road. We dived in a few shops, I tried on a bridesmaid dress (squee), and we ended up stopping for lunch at Ca’Puccino – a lovely Italian where we got a prime spot outside in the sun and had yet more celebratory fizz (here). I wanted to be comfy on what was bound to be a hot day, and after a late night, I had zero time for leg shaving that morning. My comfy jeans, my new Birk-look-a-likes (Primark, £5 ladies) and a plain tee ruled. Oh and hair up, always hair up when it’s so humid.

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