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My to-do list has been a mile long the past couple of weeks. Being self-employed, there’s a never ending piece of paper with things to get done – boring things like tax returns, invoices, receipts (you other SE people will hear me!). After being pestered by Mr Accountant and Mrs Bookeeper (Dad and Mum), I thought it about time I got on top of things. I never really know where things are  – I know I have them as I keep everything, but I don’t store them all too well. Slapped wrists.


I’d caught glimmers of a range of stationary at Staples by Martha Stewart via other bloggers, so I set off to to see what it was about. It’s a lovely range of useful home office supplies – I had a hard time not spending a fortune. There was everything from chalkboards to notepads, and although I oh-so-wanted a lime green pastel notebook, I decided on just 2 things to tide me over. The range was actually on 2-for-1 which was great as it’s a medium price point.


I went for two of the white textured magazine files (although there was a gorgeous mint, I thought white would be more versatile in future). I’ve labelled them up myself – Personal and Business. These are £11.99 each (but £7.99 online for some reason!).


I then opted for some mint green dividers to pop inside. They’re not designed for that purpose as they’re for ring binders but they do the job. I’m mid process of deciding what to label them but it’ll mostly be things like Tax, Insurance, Mobile Phone, Qualifications etc etc. You know – that snoozy stuff.


One step at a time when it comes to organisation eh! I just wish the range did diaries as it’s definitely chic and simple – right up my alley. You can check the range out online here.

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