life: eat sleep breathe

eat sleep breathe


I had an interesting chat with a fellow make up artist the other day. In fact, she’s a blogger that I knew and then we happened to train together in make up. We meet up every now and then and set the world to rights, and this particular time we were talking about blogging. I said I was starting to struggle posting about beauty so much as all I did was eat, sleep, breathe make up. I work with it, and then I blog about it, and hell, I even put it on my own face everyday! And she agreed – she said she used to blog to relax, and escape from everyday life. But now blogging was just an extension of that make up life we live in – and that makes it no fun.


Imagine being a insurance underwriter and coming home and blogging about the best no-claims bonus on the market. Or a gynaecologist and sitting down to your laptop every night to discuss the female anatomy and the latest sex trend. Doesn’t sound appealing to me!


I’ve been posting sporadically on my blog lately, trying to decide where I want to take it and what I want to do. And overthinking it is where I’m going wrong. That does nothing more than increase this eat sleep breathe dilemma, and gives me a shitty night’s sleep. So for the time being, it’s what I want, when I want. Don’t panic if you’re a regular visitor here for my beauty updates – they’ll definitely still be here too, just with a sprinkling of something else. And hopefully you’ll stick around to see where we end up!

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