life: 9 tips for falling asleep



I’m probably writing this post a bit too early – I’m still having trouble nodding off myself lately. Which, if you’ve ever experienced prolonged ‘not being able to sleep’, you will know – it’s hell. I’ve not got insomnia, nor is my lack of sleep anything pyschological or medical. My problem is, since becoming self employed, I just haven’t been able to switch my brain off. I’ve been trialling a few thing lately however that’ve helped so I thought I’d share them.


1. Wear yourself out


Probably hugely obvious, but if you work from home – you might not be physically tired enough to sleep. Long stints sitting still don’t tire my body out so if you are having a day at home, make sure you go for a walk at lunch or book yourself into an exercise class to use up some energy.


2. Read a book


It’s age old but it really does work. Reading a good book sends me to sleep better than anything else. I’m an avid YouTube watcher before bed and it does me no good. I’m currently reading The Island by Victoria Hislop as recommended by Lizzie and I love it (find her review here!).


3. Write a list


As I said up above, not being able to switch off from business related matters is my biggest issue. I have a list in my phone of all my to-dos, no matter how small. If they’re written down, they’re less likely to play on my mind.


4. Listen to music


Recently I’ve been listening to music to get me to sleep. I just hop onto YouTube and type in Sleep Music and lots of lovely calming spa-like tunes come up. I usually opt for a 45 minute track so it turns off quite soon after I’ve nodded off. It’s less what the music is that helps and more that the music acts as a distraction to my whirling brain!


5. Take a bath


Occasionally, if I’m really struggling, I’ll have a sleep inducing bath just before bed. I’ve got two favourites for these and they’re both from Lush. One is the Ickle Baby Bot which (I know, it’s for kids) is a lavender bath bomb, and the other is The Comforter which is a bubble bar designed to give you a lovely, long comforting bath.


6. Avoid late night sugar


Lately I’ve noticed a pattern in sugary treats before bed and lack of snooze, so I’ve been avoiding anything high in sugar after 8pm. M&M’s are my downfall…but they’re all gone now!


7. Find the right temperature


I’m notoriously cold (I’m writing this in July with a jumper on), but finding the optimum sleeping temperature is key. Even if I feel chilly before bed, it’s always worth opening a window to let some fresh air in. It really helps in the morning too – to not feel so groggy.


8. Fresh bedding


We all know there’s nothing better than fresh sheets and a freshly plumped pillow definitely helps me nod off.


9. Distraction free zone


And finally, something I hugely fail at – but make your bedroom your haven. No junk, no work stuff – no laptops! Your bedroom needs to be free from distractions if you’re going to get to sleep properly. I know – I’m learning it the hard way!


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