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skin chemist rapid facial

Last night called for two things – make up brush washing and a good facemask. This week, my skin took a turn for the worst and I don’t think it’s a product that’s breaking me out. More likely bad diet and some grubby brushes, so once I’d shampooed my little beauts, I cleansed and tried out something new in my beauty routine.


The Skin Chemists Rapid Facial* is a product that I’d been meaning to try for a while. It wasn’t until I slapped it on and Googled it for some more info, did I find out the price. The Rapid Facial retails for £117 (!!) BUT! If you want to know how to get hold of it for under £20, read on to the end…


Effectively, the Rapid Facial is a glycolic acid mask –  a chemical exfoliant. These are pretty common place on the beauty circuit at the moment, and I do love this kind of treatment for the skin, be it a mask or a toner. This particular one claims to:



This is quite the hype to live up to, and for the price (gosh) I was hoping for good things!


The product itself is a white cream – although more the consistency of a cream cleanser than a moisturiser. You apply it all over and wait for it to dry. I felt a slight tingle, but nothing uncomfortable and it instantly began to tighten. What’s different about the Rapid Facial is that it is designed to be removed by rubbing – so you wait for it to feel set and then rub the skin to remove, finishing with a damp cloth. After 5 minutes or so, it felt pretty ‘done’ (smooth and chalk like) and I began rubbin’.


So, what happened? A miracle?


Straight away my skin felt soothed – much less angry on the spotty areas, and instantly very soft and hydrated. My skin did go a little red directly after use but by morning that’d gone. When I woke up, the main thing I noticed was the incredibly smooth texture my skin now had – it felt crazy soft like a baby, my spots were visibly diminished and everything just felt like it’d gone back to it’s equilibrium. Putting on my make up this morning was a dream – everything glided on, and there were zero patches where foundation clung. Overall, a gorgeous product and something I’m lucky to have tried. I know it is incredibly expensive, and therefore definitely not one for all but if you are interested or are already a user, you can get hold of this product for £19.99 plus free shipping (yes, you read that right!) using the code KLRAPID


Just click onto the site here to purchase,


Amazing right?! Worth a try for that price – it really has left my skin feeling and looking amazing.

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